Caruna: It’s all about reliability.

Caruna is the largest company dedicated to the distribution of electricity in Finland. The company’s share of the local electricity distribution market in Finland is approximately 20 percent, that is some 670,000 private customers and corporate clients located around the country. Caruna’s electricity network is 82,000 kilometers long and would stretch twice around the earth. Striving and securing an uninterrupted electricity supply is at the very core of Caruna’s operations. Keeping up with promises is important for Caruna, as well as working for the best interests of our customers. At Intrum, we think in the same way.

Our target with Caruna is to become their trusted partner in debt surveillanceand collection by delivering outstanding results and supreme customer service.

 “We are pleased with our newly launched co-operation with Intrum. Our common aim towards an excellent customer experience creates a solid basis for a prosperous partnership. On top of that, we feel that Intrum adds value to both our customers’ everyday lives in terms of payment planning and for our internal teams in terms of workload and efficiency. That is a clear win-win situation,” says Katriina Kalavainen, Head of Customer Relations at Caruna.

“Supreme customer service is one of our strategic pillars. Our approach is very customer-oriented and efficient, supported by highly professional and dedicated teams specialized in the energy sector,” says Veli-Pekka Harjuoja, Key Account Manager, Energy Industry, Intrum in Finland.