Grupo Puma

Grupo Puma

Grupo Puma: Our economic situation has improved.

Grupo Puma is a group of construction companies of 25 years’ standing, specializing in products ranging from mortars to insulation, asphalt and light pavements.

Grupo Puma has 18 production and distribution centers in Spain. Like many in the sector, the group faced a very challenging few years when the financial crisis caused the country’s construction boom to come to a sudden halt.

According to the group’s Director of Commercial Risk, Jorge Artiles, “The problems stem from invoices not being received, unpaid claims or intentional non-payment.”

Working with Intrum has given Grupo Puma expert support in collecting its debts, with the right balance between clarifying the situation for the customer
and showing sensitivity to their situation, which Intrum’s long experience in the industry helps to achieve.

“Usually, it is very effective for the customer to understand that we have debt recovery professionals working to collect a debt that relates to their company, and doing it this way is more effective than if we did it ourselves,” explains Artiles.

“Intrum also helps us with those clients who don’t have credit insurance coverage – and who are late or intend to default – in requesting payment of arrears.”

These days, Grupo Puma is in a much happier position. “We are going through a bit of a bonanza as far as collections are concerned,” says Artiles. “Our economic situation has improved, and although the general rate of defaults is low, it is obvious that all the recoveries that have taken place have had a positive impact on our bottom line."