Purpose, mission and vision

As the undisputed market leader, our purpose is to lead the way towards a sound economy.


Leading the way to a sound economy

In our globalised economy, it is a great strength that Intrum has a presence in 24 markets, where we have expertise in everything from local laws and regulations to industry standards. Our combined global offer with local knowledge makes us understand our clients and customers' situation or business. Through our complementary network of 160 partners, our services are available around the globe.

Intrum is leading the way to a sound economy, for individuals, companies and for society at large. We argue that firms and organisations being paid on time is a pre-requisite for their continued growth and development. At the same time, on an individual level, a sound economy is the foundation for a good quality of life and creates opportunities for people to achieve their dreams and goals. Through our services, Intrum creates jobs and enables growth.



We help companies prosper, by caring for their customers

Through Intrum’s payment solutions and credit and collection services we help companies to get paid for their goods and services. We service around 80,000 firms, our clients, to grow by caring for their customers. Our focus is to create shared value for business and society, which both benefit from companies being paid on time, and citizens getting out of debt. At Intrum we want to make a lasting contribution: we see ourselves as partners with business, governments and other stakeholders in creating a sound economy.

Intrum has offices in 24 European countries and with a great network of partners we can assist large as well as small and medium-sized companies and organisations around the world. Based on consumer insights, we understand individuals, different perspectives and situations We always treat others with dignity and respect. This goes for our clients and their customers, as well as for our colleagues.  Based on these values, Intrum aims to have trusting and long-term relationships with our clients.

Intrum was established in 2017 as two companies--Intrum Justitia and Lindorff--merged. As one company, we offer smart and efficient processes and solutions with a high degree of service and high ethical standards and values. With our expertise and global coverage, Intrum is the undisputed market leader.



To be trusted and respected by everyone who provide or receives credit

Our market leading position brings considerable responsibility. We can only do our job if we have the complete confidene of out clients and their customers and it is therefore important that we maintain our positions as role models in the sector, showing the way towards a sound economy for all.  Treating our client's customers with considerations is the very essence of who we are and what we do.

We strive to meet the highest standards in everything we do, with great professionalism in which we accept responsibility for our actions. Our vision is for Intrum to be trusted and respected by everyone who provide or receive credit. With solutions that generate growth while helping people become debt-free, we build value for individuals, companies and society.