The undisputed market leader

As a market-leading credit management company, Intrum has wide-ranging expertise in debt collection services. We do business in 24 European countries and we have more than 8,000 experienced employees in our group. Intrum was established in 2017 as Intrum Justitia and Lindorff combined to become one company.

As a result, we have a unique geographical size and scope. With market leadership however, comes with a great responsibility. We see ourselves as role models within our industry and have both the opportunity and responsibility to set new standards and change the way people perceive credit management. Through ethical and sustainable business practices we want to become the true benchmark of our industry.


We help companies prosper by caring for their customers

At Intrum we create value for our clients, our customers, our owners and for society at large. We are driven by our Purpose and our four values; Empathy, Ethics, Dedication, Solutions which define who we are and determine how we act. We make sure that companies get paid, help people get out of debt and enables for society to grow.


Leading the way to a sound economy

Through Intrum’s wide range of credit management services, including financial and collecting services we help companies of all sizes, prosper by improving cash flow, increasing liquidity and minimizing risk. We make trade simple, safe and fair, by making sure that companies get paid while helping people getting out of debt. This is how we contribute to a sound economy for society, companies and individuals.


Debt collection for the future

Intrum is a company with a proud heritage. But above all, we have an exciting future ahead of us. Through digital initiatives and a strong customer-focus, we aim to be in the forefront of the development of our industry.