Multinational Collections Service

Helping our clients improve cashflow, efficiency and reduce complexity by streamlining credit management operations across Europe.

Industry Challenges

A major challenge global companies face is gaining overview of their business.  Navigating in multiple legal landscapes can be challenging, especially when it comes to the field of debt collection being highly regulated in many countries.

Our Solution

Streamlining the credit management process can result in greater flexibility.  In addition, a uniform working method will contribute to increased efficiency, transparency and predictability for our clients.  With a standardized set-up centrally and case handling in respective local markets, all entities can function according to local market trends and legislation while at the same time profiting from synergies of a European partnership.

Combined with tailored activities per market in the collection process based on unique insight and experience in the debt collection industry hereunder unique scorecards and applied analytics, we are convinced that we can improve our clients cash flow, working capital and reduce your credit losses - while at the same time maintaining the already well established brand of our clients.

Our clients will, by choosing Intrum as its preferred Global partner, receive a centralized collection service, providing a streamlined overview of its credit management.  This will allow our clients to gain an international view of how your accounts receivables are performing and where the main challenges exist.

Intrum has a multinational collections operation based in Dublin (IR), servicing clients where they operate in multinational locations around Europe.  A key advantage of the Intrum Ireland Hub's debt collection service is that it can grow in parallel with your businesses' needs and effortlessly service more markets, as our clients grow and expand to additional regions.  This, without requiring any major changes.

With Intrum's hub service you will get access to:

  • One Debt Collection Partner for the complete European landscape;
  • One IT set-up including one European overview of all management information and reporting;
  • One point of contact through our dedicated International Key Account Manager based within the hub;
  • One way of working leveraging local adaptations in the digital multilingual reminder service and collection service with customer accounts being collected by Intrum's local country team in accordance with local legislation;
  • A customer centric approach and the highest ethical debt collection standards;
  • One agreement for the complete cooperation.

Alongside with continuous focus on delivering optimal results in recovering your customer receivables, Intrum will make sure that the cooperation is continuously developed through given KPI's and monitoring.  Thus, it will also allow our clients to proactively develop your credit management strategy.

Other International Collections Services available:

Our solutions

Intrum has a multi-lingual debt portfolio servicing operation (International Service Line ‘ISL’). Intrum is uniquely positioned to address international collections opportunities utilising:

  • Experience from Intrum’s footprint in 24 countries in Europe coupled with a partner network in 160 countries across the globe
  • Existing ISL contracts with multi-national companies serviced from the UK & Ireland
  • Strong ISL recruitment opportunities
  • Single point of contact operating model
  • Customer centric approach
  • Flexible and attractive commercial structures

A major challenge that global companies face today is gaining an overview of their business. Leveraging Intrum’s global credit management services to address the challenges clients are facing with their outstanding accounts, will allow clients to gain a global view of how their accounts receivables are performing and where the main challenges exist. This in turn will allow clients to proactively develop their credit management strategy.


Intrum would manage the whole credit journey that may include:

  • Customer welcome calls
  • Invoice reviews/payment setup
  • Chase accounts in arrears
  • Customer engagement & education of client portal
  • Manage direct debit process
  • Allocate payments
  • Manage Dunning process
  • Refunds
  • Email management
  • Closure of accounts

White Label Collections & Credit Servicing

Intrum would manage the collections journey in the clients brand:

  • Ring fenced team subject to volume of accounts
  • All customer engagement as the client
  • Intrum multi lingual team would seek to recover outstanding debts using letters/email/
    sms (consumer only)/calls from Ireland
  • Full client MI/reporting available


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