Payment Services

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Reminder services

Sometimes customers forget to pay their bills. Sending them a gentle but firm reminder will help you get paid faster and minimise the risk of defaulting invoices, while maintaining a strong customer relationship. Intrum can help you with reminders.

Our Reminder Services are based on our profound knowledge of payment processes. We know the strict but respectful processes that will help you get paid quicker while securing a good relationship with the customer. Intrum’s widely known and respected brand name lets your customers know that you value payments that are made on time, as agreed upon during the buying process. Our deep understanding of people’s payment patterns and payment trends allows Intrum to individually adapt the design and frequency of payment reminders.

  • Individually-adapted reminders improve customer relationships
  • Our strong brand name speeds up payments
  • Consistent and on-time reminders


Start with our reminder services to free up time and ensure a strict and timely follow up on the set date intervals. We have specially designed packages for every need that gives you all the control and flexibility.


Payment guarantee

Today many businesses, especially in e-commerce, extend large amounts of credit to their end customers. This can pose a serious risk to the stability of your business, but that uncertainty can be removed by using Intrum’s payment guarantee service, where we take the risk for you.

Many of our clients operate businesses that involve extending large amounts of credit to end customers, and that can bring financial risk. In e-commerce for example, customers often want to pay by invoice after the goods are received. In cases like this we offer a payment guarantee that is based on a credit decision of a credit limit.

We apply credit monitoring, using the best up-to-date databases and give the customer various payment options. If the customer decides to pay on credit we can guarantee that the company will receive the full payment. We take care of overdue invoices and handle them as regular collection cases.

  • Secure and online process in real time
  • Ideally suited for growing e-commerce businesses
  • We take the risk while you maintain your cash flow


You get the customers while we guarantee payment

Keeping customers happy can often mean extending credit through invoicing. A payment guarantee from Intrum ensures that only suitable customers get credit, so you get paid without any risk to your business.


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