What is a payment plan?

There may be several payment plan options available to you.

A payment plan is a plan for settling your debts. Within the payment plan you promise to pay back a certain amount each week or month to cover the outstanding debts. Together with our advisers you can agree on a weekly or monthly amount that suits your financial situation. 

You can suggest a payment plan yourself, or ask for help with creating one from the collection agency’s customer service department.

If you have received a demand for payment from Intrum, please contact us at 018692226 to discuss. You can create a payment plan also online by logging into our online portal.

If you do not adhere to the agreed installments and due dates, agreeing on a new payment plan may not be possible. The old payment plan is automatically dissolved and collection of the remaining debt balance is continued. Therefore, please remember to make the payment plan as one that you can live with.

If you know in advance that you cannot pay as agreed, be sure to contact us well before the due date of the installment.