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How do I pay my debt?

Normally we will issue you with a pre-printed invoice as part of the reminder letter, however, there are a number of options open to you in terms of payment methods. More details are contained on the back of the letter. One of our customer advisers will also be able to advise you further if you choose to contact us

This is not my debt, what shall I do?

If you do not recognise the account we have written to you about please contact us and we will investigate.

How can I change the payment date?

You can change the payment date either by logging into the portal or contacting us directly

Who is Intrum?

We are a debt purchase and collection company. We buy unpaid loan, credit card, store card and other debts from banks, credit card companies, retailers, and utility & telecom providers. We also collect debts on behalf of other lenders and goods and service-providers.

When we buy your account, the money you owe on this account is owed to Intrum instead of the original lender. We want to work with you to help you clear your debts. We always take your financial circumstances into account and set up an affordable payment plan that allows you to repay your debts and get on with your life.

Please contact us to talk this through with one of our customer service representatives.

Why have I received a letter from Intrum?

This is because you probably have an unpaid bill and the company you owe money has asked Intrum to collect the debt owed.  The first thing to remember is not to panic. It is a logical step for a creditor to use a firm such as Intrum to collect overdue accounts. We want to solve the payment problem in an amicable way without the need for legal proceedings.

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