I disagree with the debt

Invoice is incorrect

I disagree with the debt

What shall I do?

Please login or contact us as soon as possible and explain why you disagree with the debt.

If a legitimate dispute, we will clarify the situation with the original creditor, and put the collection process on pause during that time. The debt collection process continues if your obligation to pay are confirmed. Please note that the creditor can apply for a summons regarding the debt. 

Contact us

Not my debt

This is not my debt, what shall I do?

If you do not recognise the account we have written to you about please contact us and we will investigate.

Medical debt

I have a medical card. Do I still need to pay this hospital debt?

If you have received a letter stating that you owe a hospital debt but you were in receipt of a medical card at the time of the hospital visit, please contact us  so we can update the client if this is the case.