Who we are and what we do

If you have received a letter or a phone call from Intrum, chances are you have unpaid debts. There may be several reasons for this. You may not have the money to pay right now, you may have missed the invoice or simply forgot. That happens. However, at one time you agreed to pay for a product and service, and now we have been contracted by the seller to help you honor that commitment.

At Intrum we talk to thousands of customers every day by phone, in letters, e-mails and other digital channels such as online chat or social media. We are trained professionals with a lot of expertise to help you that are in a financial difficult situation and to find a solution for you to become free of debt. Our goal is to have a trustworthy and open dialogue with you.

We work for companies, organizations and governments – big and small – in all sectors. We do this by treating their customers fairly and with respect, to create circumstances that allow each person to become free of debt and by that ensure that companies get paid.

Because when companies get paid, they are able to grow, invest and recruit people. That is important in our society. And it is good for people.