Struggling with your finances?

Some people worry about getting in touch when they receive a letter or a phone call from us. There's no need to be concerned - we're here to help you.

The earlier you get in touch, the quicker you will have an overview of your account, and the quicker we can work together to resolve your financial difficulty.

If you aren’t sure how to proceed, we recommend that you contact us by phone or email as soon as possible. Then one of our advisers can guide you on the next steps. They can also help you set up an affordable repayment plan or arrange a payment deferral.

Alternatively, you can find information and an overview of your account online in our portal. Log in to see an overview of your outstanding invoices and apply for payment deferrals or set up repayment plans.

Intrum: helping you reach your debt free day.

Help from the public sector

If you need more help, there are several places you can turn to:

[Countries to insert local information]

NAV has a free phone service you can call: 80045353.

All municipalities offer financial advice to their residents, through NAV.

If you are seriously affected by debt problems and unable to pay for yourself, you can apply for debt relief from the public authorities. If you are approved for a debt arrangement, you must pay down as much as possible on the debt over a limited period, as a general rule five years, in exchange for having the remaining debt erased.