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With a history dating back more than 100 years, Intrum became the world’s leading debt collection and credit management company in 2017, following the combination of Lindorff and Intrum Justitia. Today, Intrum has offices in 24 countries across Europe, plus Latin America (Brazil), and employs over 10,000 people.

Intrum is here to help

When we contact your customers, we know that that some of them have never been in contact with a collection company before. They might be stressed, scared and perhaps a bit confused on what the collection notice they received actually means. Our staff are trained specifically to help this customer and are equipped with the tools for creating a trustworthy and open dialogue. They can guide the customer on the right path to help them solve their case and become profitable customers for our clients again.

Supporting you all the way

We talk to the young student who forgot to pay an invoice and wonders how to get even on the amount he owes. We talk to the elderly couple who are behind on their bills and need help to prioritise what to pay first. We talk to the single unemployed mother who doesn't know how to make the ends meet. This is what we do. Every day.

We work for companies, organisations and governments – big and small – in all sectors to help them recover their outstanding debts and grow their business. Intrum offers a wide selection of services, including debt collection, credit information, debt purchasing, payment and invoicing services and customer insights.

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