Purpose, Mission, Vision

Purpose, Mission, Vision


Our purpose is to lead the way to a sound economy, for individuals, companies and for society at large.

Our clients use our credit management services to get paid on time, allowing them to invest, recruit and grow their businesses. On their behalf, we help individuals in financial difficulty, finding appropriate and sustainable payment solutions that are tailored to their needs and circumstances. This improves their quality of life, allowing them to focus on their dreams and goals. Our employees gain opportunities to develop by making a difference and the economy and society as a whole prosper.


We help companies prosper by caring for their customers.

Through Intrum’s payment solutions and credit and collection services we help companies to get paid for their goods and services. We service around 80,000 firms and make more than 250,000 customer contacts a day. Our focus is to create shared value for business and society, which benefit from companies being paid on time and citizens getting out of debt. We see ourselves as partners with business, governments and other stakeholders in creating a sound economy.


To be trusted and respected by everyone who provides and receives credit.

At Intrum, our clients and their customers are equally important to us. We know that acting ethically and treating people fairly can make all the difference to their lives. Only by working with people to find solutions can we ensure businesses and other organisations get paid and society can flourish. In addition to complying with laws and regulations, we are guided by our values. We live and breathe them, striving to meet the highest standards in everything we do.

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