Multinational Collections Hub

Intrum’s Multinational Collections Hub enables you to centralise your collections activities across countries, adapting to local regulatory requirements and providing an individual customer approach. We offer a single-entry point for your collections needs across Europe, meaning you can reduce complexity in your credit management operations, improve cash flow and efficiency.


Uniform reporting and governance

One point of contact commercially and operationally

One integration

Business Challenge

A major challenge global companies face is gaining overview of their business. Navigating multiple legal landscapes can be challenging, especially when it comes to the field of debt collection being highly regulated in many countries.

Local Knowledge

With a standardized set-up centrally and case handling in respective local markets, all entities can function according to local market trends and legislation, while profiting from synergies of a European partnership.


A single point of contact for all collections needs across Europe, means clients can improve their cash flow, increase efficiency and reduce complexity in their credit management operations.

Frequently asked questions

FAQs - Multinational Collections Hub | Intrum

What if I need to expand?

That’s no problem. A key advantage of the Intrum Hub’s debt collection service is that it can grow in parallel with your businesses' needs and effortlessly service more markets without requiring any major IT developments and contractual changes.

Can we get a global contract for all our markets?

Yes, Intrum also offers global contracts, with a separate addendum for each market. This offers the advantage that no new contract has to be drawn up in the event of expansion, as an appendix can simply be added. This simplifies the negotiation and administrative process.

I’m concerned about my brand’s reputation

At Intrum, we know brand is important. We treat all customers ethically and fairly, establishing the financial circumstances and working with individuals and businesses to set up realistic and sustainable payment plans.

Is this solution limited to certain services?

This solution does not restrict our services, and it is possible to combine services across countries. For example, it is possible to have a centrally managed dunning and reminder process. Intrum works with our clients to design services that suit your needs.

What will I pay?

With the Intrum Hub, you pay a market-based price for each country. This ensures competitive pricing regardless of location. Contact us for more information on your chosen markets.

What about the digital follow-up?

This central solution also forms the basis for central monitoring of your accounts, via a central online portal. The portal allows you to follow up your cases, wherever they are being processed and managed.

How does it work?

The Hub will act as the principle receiving office and will be responsible for all operational and performance aspects of the contract. This allows your organisation to maintain a single relationship and data exchange process, reducing complexity of your internal credit management process.

By connecting your organisation to the Intrum Hub, we ensure that all our services are synchronised. Intrum takes care of all the co-ordination and ensures that your cases are correctly processed by one of its offices in the respective country according to local legislation and payment culture. Intrum manages the complete information flow. The information that comes back is centralised by Intrum Hub and repackaged into uniform reports. This gives you a clear overview of your files, within one report, regardless of where your cases are processed.

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