Call Fronting

Through our call fronting service, we can offer clients access to dialling technology and the capacity to become increasingly proactive in the management of their customers' arrears.

Our contact agents have the capability and cross-function knowledge to swiftly support client portfolios to substantially increase outbound capacity.  Agents log into outbound dialer campaigns where, upon contact, they will conduct data protection checks and, once a right party contact is established, transfer the call to a customer service representative or the client.

Leverage sophisticated dialing technology

Engage with more customers

Significant increase in outbound activities

Reduce roll rates


Our contact agents are skilled and equipped to support a range of call-fronting requests, which is underpinned by effective customer engagement and validation checks to qualify the call.

Risk Management

Call fronting enables collections teams to be priority-engaged in more pressing higher-value debt that invariably yields the highest financial risk to a client's business.


Call fronting campaigns can be created swiftly, as the data required is limited and the file exchange process is relatively simple to implement. This help to ensure a seamless customer journey.

Frequently asked questions

FAQ Call Fronting | Intrum

I worried about someone else speaking to my customers.

At Intrum, we invest heavily in the training and tools needed to ensure your customers have a positive experience. Our expertise in dealing with people and companies in debt means we have the skills to sensitively and firmly establish financial circumstances and work with your clients to find solutions that are sustainable for them and ensure you are paid for your goods and services. Protecting your brand and reputation is critical for us.

What are the benefits of calling the customer?

Contacting the customer by phone before their account is sent for debt collection is a good way to preserve the relationship. Any misunderstanding or dispute can be resolved, and it is an opportunity for the customer to explain the reasons for the delay. This speeds up payment and builds trust.

When should the customer be called?

The customer should be contacted before the account is passed to debt collection. This ensures a good customer relationship is maintained and results in many accounts being settled rapidly.

Can you use my brand when speaking to my customers?

Yes, our expert advisers contact customers by telephone on your behalf. We can do this under our name or using your brand. You decide.

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