European Consumer Payment Report 2023

The most recent release of the European Consumer Payment Report offers insights into the daily lives of consumers, their spending habits, and their financial management capabilities. From savings to sustainability, download a copy for a comprehensive overview of trends in Irish consumer finance.

Cost of living crunch

79% per cent are seeking to cut daily expenses and 40 per cent plan to use up savings to pay day-to-day expenses and bills.

The fallout of economic pressure

Missing a payment is a new experience for some Irish households. More than a third of consumers (38 per cent) say they have skipped at least one bill payment in the past 12 months – the highest proportion since 2019.

Financially savvy consumers are in a stronger financial position

From making informed investment decisions to effectively managing credit, financial literacy empowers individuals to weather economic challenges with confidence.

“78% say they would stop spending money with a business they think is practising ‘greedflation’.”